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Talk about mod-ing and building franken-laptops

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Screen cable/connector fix [Mar. 18th, 2009|10:21 am]
Talk about mod-ing and building franken-laptops

I decided the other day while tearing apart the cracked screen assembly to extract a good replacement flat conductor cable that tearing apart screen number 2 just to install said unbroke ribbon cable was going to be a major pain.

I figured I'd try soldering the snapped microswitch back onto the tiny silk-screened ribbon which is wrapped over a plate on the plug end of cable. A few weeks ago I was using this very same soldering iron to melt-weld together some cracks in my VFR fairing. Melted PVC plays havoc on a solder tip. My good solder station is in Madison as a friend of is supposedly building a ham radio kit (for the last 2 years).

Even so, with sticks and rocks for equipment and TV-dinner trays for a workstation I think I did good.

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Pictures from last night's Voodoo [Mar. 18th, 2009|10:16 am]
Talk about mod-ing and building franken-laptops

I attempted my first reflow on the GPU of the first T40 motherboard. I took 25 minutes to get it slowly up to 250C and then back down slowly. I didn't touch it until it reached 25C a half hour after I took the heat gun all the way off of the chip (around 150C).

After pulling off all the tin foil it seems that the motherboard is fine underneath, and all the little molex/plastic plugs are none the worse for wear. I was worried about that. 250 degrees Celsius is FREAKING HOT -hot enough to melt solder, natch.

Now that it is cooled down I can look at the solder balls from the bottom of the chip and they don't look too different but I can see just the slightest bit of new shiny solder on a few of them. If some melted then they all did. Looks like it's good to go for an attempt to put it all together and try to boot it up.

If I got lucky and Vulcan has smiled upon me I will be elated that this worked. Taking a $15 parts machine and turning it into a fully-operational battle station laptop will be a feat that children will sing about in epic ballods for generations.

Redirect all power to the forward shields...

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Frankenthinkpad 770z+ [Aug. 2nd, 2006|06:26 pm]
Talk about mod-ing and building franken-laptops

Model: IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad 770Z+
Original processor: PII 366Mhz MMC-2 type
Original memory: 144-pin SODIMM PC66 -64M in motherboard slot (hard to get to) and 2 extra slots available (320M max)

New processor: PIII 500Mhz MMC-2 type
New memory 144-pin SODIMM PC100 with 128M in motherboard slot and 2 extra 128M but I have some 256M memory coming to try out. I think only one will work for a maximum of 512M with the 3 from what I have heard.

Laptop booted with a 127-error which needed extra keystrokes but after modifying the BIOS with a hex editor it will boot clean.

Right now it is runing XP-home edition which works fine and dandy. I've used 2 different 770z's for the past 2 years and the machine I modded was my older one with the 14.1" screen. Unfortunately it only has 1024 x 768 resolution compared to the 13.7" screen my other thinkpad has which will do 1280 x 1024 resolution. I'm looking at a junko 770z on ebay with the 13.7 screen to do a swap. Also, that model comes with a better 8M video card which will be replacing the 4M card that came with the lower-res screen.

I'll be doing my other computer once I test this one out for a few months and make sure it works fine. These are my only computers and I need a daily laptop to get my Intardw3b fix or I go crazy.
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